You’ve seen the schedule; now learn more about our daily speakers! Each day of Darwin Week 2017, there will be special presentations by people from the UNI community. All speeches will occur in the University Room, which is located on the bottom floor of Maucker Union.


Our 12:30 Tuesday speaker is Dr. Jim Demastes, a professor from the department of biology.  Originally from Georgia, Dr. Demastes received his bachelor degree from Auburn University in science education in 1982.  After teaching middle and high school science for 4 years he attended Louisiana State University where he received his M.S and PhD degrees studying evolutionary biology.  After 2 years in a post-doc position, he and his wife, Dr. Theresa Spradling came to UNI in 1998 where they both teach and are currently collaborating on their federally funded research and the raising of two boys.

Dr. Demastes’ Darwin Week 2017 presentation is entitled “Uncommon Sense and Testing the Obvious: Lessons from Biology.


Our 2:00 Tuesday speaker is Dr. Carolyn Hildebrandt, a Professor of Psychology. She did her Ph.D. and Postdoctoral Fellowship at University of California, Berkeley.  Her areas of expertise are social and cognitive development, musical development, and constructivist approaches to teaching and learning.

Dr. Hildebrandt’s Darwin Week 2017 presentation is entitled “Superstition: Abnormal, Irrational, Pathological, or Adaptive?


Our 3:30 Tuesday speaker is Dr. John Burnight from the Philosophy and World Religions Department. He is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy and World Religions. His research focuses on the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament), with a particular interest in the Book of Job. His regular course offerings at UNI include Religions of the World, Old Testament, New Testament, and Judaism and Islam.

Dr. Burnight’s Darwin Week 2017 presentation’s topic is entitled “Biblical Skepticism: The Book of Job as Subversive Literature“.


Our keynote speaker that night at 7 p.m. is writer, editor, activist, and translator Hiba Krisht! She is a volunteer activist with The Ex-Muslims of North America, and has spoken about Islam, the Middle East, and women’s rights at secular humanist conferences all over the country w6aed7f. Her talk is entitled “Veils, Virginity, and (In)Visibility: On Being a Woman in Hezbollah Culture”.

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