You’ve seen the schedule; now learn more about our daily speakers! Each day of Darwin Week 2017, there will be special presentations by people from the UNI community. All speeches will occur in the University Room, which is located on the bottom floor of Maucker Union.


Our 12:30 Thursday Speaker is Dr. Reza Lahroodi, an associate professor of philosophy here at the University of Northern Iowa. Dr. Lahroodi did his undergrad and master’s at Tehran University in Iran and began to study philosophy as a result of the Iranian Revolution and the explosion of freedom of speech it brought. He now teaches classes on epistemology, medieval philosophy, virtue theory, and philosophical psychology. He is currently working on a paper on the virtue of open-mindedness and its normative and psychological aspects.

Dr. Lahroodi’s Darwin Week 2017 presentation is entitled “Are We Responsible for What We Believe?


Our 2:00 Thursday speaker is Dr. Evan Renfro. Dr. Renfro is an assistant professor of political science at the University of Northern Iowa. He received his masters from the University of Texas and his Doctorate in Political Science from the University of Nebraska. His research interests include international security, Middle Eastern affairs, counterintelligence, guerilla warfare, and critical realism. He teaches classes on international relations, international security and the Middle East.

Dr. Renfro’s Darwin Week 2017 presentation is entitled “The Paradox of Skepticism: Fake News and the Politics of Credulity


Our 3:30 Thursday speaker is Dr. Edgar Boedeker, an associate professor of philosophy in the Department of Philosophy and World Religions. He is currently working on a new translation of Martin Heidegger’s Being and Time, which is regarded as one of the most important philosophical works in European philosophy of the 20th century. He is also working on a book entitled Wittgenstein’s Basic Demant, and has several other published works on phenomenology and Heidegger. He teaches classes on the philosophy of language, German philosophy, logic, and humanities.

Dr. Boedeker’s Darwin Week 2017 Presentation is entitled “Is God “Dead”? Friedrich Nietzsche on Nihilism”.


Our keynote speaker that evening is NASA aerospace engineer Kathryn CroweKathryn Crowe works as a propulsion systems engineer at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). She received NASA’s Space Flight Awareness Trailblazer Award for her innovative thinking in support of human spaceflight. She works on evaluating design options and deciding on solutions to make the second configuration of NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) as flexible and adaptable as possible. The work Kathryn does will help make the rocket more powerful and open up new mission possibilities, opening the door to the first crewed mission to venture into lunar orbit since Apollo.

Her talk is entitled “Skepticism, Objectivity, and the Journey to Mars”.


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