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Announcing the 2016-2017 UNIFI President

It’s with great pleasure that I announce today the next President of the UNI Freethinkers and Inquirers, Natalie Kaufman. On April 15th, she will take office with a new officer team appointed by her for the next year. As well, Natalie will announce her appointee for Vice President and the opening of applications for officer positions soon. That said, let me explain why she is the natural successor for leadership in this group.

I’ve been fortunate to know Natalie since she came to UNI and she attended her first event within weeks of coming to campus. Even in the first event she attended, she demonstrated a willingness to discuss, critically analyze, and deconstruct the arguments she was presented with. She examines the ideas of others with a critical eye, even if she won’t always admit it, and is careful to form her own response. These are aspects I’d consider valuable for any leader, and so vital for a group that values skepticism as highly as ours.

In her time in UNIFI, she has demonstrated compassion toward her fellow members, dedication to the tasks at hand, and a willingness to go above and beyond. As Director of Public Relations last year, she went above and beyond and created a process for advertising events and coordinating Darwin Week that was much needed. This year, she proved to be an invaluable support through thick and thin as the Vice President.

But most of all, I have always appreciated her resilience in the face of opposition, her willingness to challenge me – respectfully – and ensure the organization was being run well free project management app. This is something I’ve greatly missed as she spends the current semester studying in Italy, and I sincerely hope she’s able to find an officer team that will contribute as much to her success as she has to my own.

Thank you, Natalie, and best wishes for the year to come. You have my respect and my support, and I know as the next President, you will earn the same from each member.