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Announcing UNIFI’s 2017-2018 Vice President


I would like to start this post by thanking Natalie and Friel. Natalie- thank you for believing in me, and for appointing me as the next president.  Your help and guidance has been invaluable, and I am so honored to be chosen by you. Friel- thank you, as always, for being an unparalleled resource for UNIFI,  and for always helping officers with technical issues. You are the best.

With that, I want to tell you about my vice president, Tre Goodhue. I have a vision for UNIFI, that it would be a place where good, hard discussion happens, which is where Tre comes in. Tre is a senior History major, and is one of the calmest, most organized people I know.

Tre works in the Union as a supervisor for Chats. I know him from move-in crew, and from the moment we met I knew I wanted to be friends with him- well, me and everyone else. Tre is the type of person that has no shortage of friends because he is supportive, kind, and fun to be around. He’s also one of the most intelligent people I know, and always gives his all to his classes, which I think will be a wonderful resource for UNIFI because as Tre says, those that know history are not doomed to repeat it.

That calmness, along with his passion for history, make him the ideal person to mediate discussions in the group, as well as to provide solid input to the talks. I am also putting him in charge of alumni relations, as I trust his organization and reliability to make alumni feel comfortable and welcome at events.

In summary, please welcome him as vice president and be sure to get to know him- if you don’t know how to set that meeting up, he’s always down for coffee.


Introducing the 2017-2018 Officer Team

Director of Membership- Dylan Albertson

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Dylan is a Sophomore Business Administration and Philosophy Major. I chose Dylan for this position because he is friendly, extroverted, and passionate about UNIFI and making sure new and old members are included in discussions and activities. Dylan would like you to know that he can shake his eyes and cross one of them at a time, he also loves UNIFI.  I’m excited to work with him to find new members for this coming school year, as well as to make sure current members have their voices heard during meetings.

Director of Activities- Kevin Hanlin

Kevin is a Junior History Education Major.  I chose Kevin for this position because of his creativity, and his passion for memes and all things UNIFI.  Kevin would like you to know that his favorite color is purple like his car, Violet Copernicus. I am very excited to have him- make sure to shout out his awesome graphics on the UNIFI hangout page.

Director of Public Relations- Katlyne Strouth

Katlyne is a Sophomore Elementary Education Major. She is sweet, committed, and loves UNIFI and its members a whole lot. Katlyne would like you to know that one time her foot was run over by a car, but she’s ok now. She will be using that same foot to spread the word about UNIFI through chalking and meeting up with prospective and current members.

Director of Finance- Tanner Filip 

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Tanner is a Junior Political Science Major. Tanner is quiet, and hilarious. Though he doesn’t love to be in the spotlight, he is an essential part to our team, and has done a wonderful job keeping our finances in order for years. Tanner would like you to know that he can eat a whole pound of provolone cheese in a week. I am incredibly excited to have him, and the rest of our officers on the UNIFI team for next year!