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You’ve seen the schedule; now learn more about our daily speakers! Each day of Darwin Week 2017, there will be special presentations by people from the UNI community. All speeches will occur in the University Room, which is located on the bottom floor of Maucker Union.



Our 2:00 Monday speaker is Dr. Tyler O’Brien, a Professor of Anthropology here at the University of Northern Iowa. He teaches several courses on the subject of physical anthropology, including human origins, forensic anthropology, and human biological variation. His research interests include Human Osteology, Forensic Anthropology, Cranial Modification, and Bioarchaeology.

Dr. O’Brien’s Darwin Week 2017 presentation is entitled “Bones, Beetles and Birds: Darwin’s Contributions to Physical Anthropology.



Our 3:00 Monday speaker is Dr. Helen Harton, a Professor of Psychology as well as the graduate coordinator in psychology and the associate director of the center for academic ethics. She does research on academic ethics as well as on social influence, prejudice, and relationships. She is excited about the changes that scientists are beginning to make in response to the replication crisis she will address today and looks forward to the beneficial effects that increased methodological and statistical rigor will have on psychology, medicine, and other sciences.

Dr. Harton’s Darwin Week 2017 presentation is entitled “The Reproducibility Crisis in Science.”



Our 4:00 Monday speaker is Dr. Justin Holmes from the Political Science department. He is currently a professor of political science here at the University of Northern Iowa and teaches several courses related to political psychology, voter behavior, and public opinion. His research interests include presidential rhetoric, political communication, and American politics.


Dr. Holmes’s Darwin Week 2017 presentation’s topic is TBA.


Our keynote speaker that night at 7 p.m. is author and activist Kavin Senapathy! She’s the co-founder and director of international pro-science, pro-biotech movement March Against Myths, and co-author of “The Fear Babe: Shattering Vani Hari’s Glass House”.

Her talk is entitled “Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt in Your Grocery Cart”.
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